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2. Why are women interested in fashion?

Elise Milles

Women have a lot of various interests in spite of the fact that they do not have much time to realize themselves on all those areas. They must work and do their home duties and only when they have a little bit of spare time are they able to read or watch things they are interested in. One of such things is fashion for sure. Of course, not every woman loves fashion and all of the news connected with the topic, but there are many more females who like it than men. This moment is very good to ask a crucial question namely why do women like fashion, clothes and colors? What is so interesting about it?

Mike Jagger

We should rather ask a few women this question in order to get the right answer, however, it is probably so obvious that we do not have to do this. Women love fashion because they love being beautiful and admired for that. Every day they try to make themselves prettier than they are naturally and they do this not only for themselves, but also for their partners. Fashion, which is inseparably connected with clothes, helps them achieve their goal since nice dressing is a significant aspect of the general look. We should also add that women care about others’ opinions and they buy their stylish clothes just to make an impression on their friends.

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