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Should children wear fashionable clothes?

Adults buy fashionable clothes with pleasure since they are aware of the fact that in order to be attractive, they need take care of each and every element of their image. The watch TV programs devoted to fashion and they learn what kind of dresses they should buy or what colors of T-shirt are the […]

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Fashion shows for children

When we hear a term “fashion show”, we almost always think about a beautifully decorated, huge hall, with a catwalk in the centre of it and special lighting orientated at models. And if we think about models, we imagine them as pretty, slim women wearing clothes from the newest collection of a famous designer, or […]

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How to prepare a good fashion show?

All of us have already seen a fashion show, because such events are very often emitted in a TV. Not everyone likes watching those events. For some people they seem rather boring, because there is no, let us say, action. Everything seems to be the same so those people, who are fed up with monotony, […]

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The most popular fashion designers

Each branch of life has its representatives or, let us say, the icons. Those are people who are familiar with the area and some of them have even achieved something while realizing themselves in this branch. For instance, if it is about fashion we can enumerate several famous designers, who had to fight for their […]

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What colors are trendy actually?

We can often hear that it is important to wear clothes that are comfortable. They do not have to be pretty or even amazing in order to make impression on others. For some people the most significant feature of clothes is their functionality. But this is the opinion of one side and what about others […]

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Can everyone be a fashion model?

Among all of the professions and jobs available nowadays, there is also a possibility to become a fashion model. In other words, it is possible to present different clothes of different designers in different places around the whole world. The job is by many people seen as an attractive one and that is why huge […]

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Why do some people watch fashion shows?

Majority of our society claim that fashion shows are too boring to sit in front of the TV and watch them for an hour or even longer. They say there is nothing interesting in watching people walking front and back presenting various clothes, shoes or accessories. We should not generalize our society, because everyone has […]

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What is a fashion week?

All of us have various interests and like doing something in spare time. Some people love fishing, the other ones prefer climbing or riding a bike and some like watching or reading about fashion. Fashion is a very wide branch and it is hard to characterize it using several sentences only. It can, however, be […]

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Is it worth to be a fashion model?

There are many different jobs nowadays and because of that huge amount of people can do what they like and additionally earn some money. Among various jobs there are also fashion models which are appropriate both for males and for females. Nevertheless, there are many more women interested in fashion than men and that is […]

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Where can we find information about fashion?

Fashion is a very wide branch of life and it is hard to gather all of the information connected with it in one place. Nevertheless, all of us have different interests and tastes of what the effect is that some people would like to know everything what they can about their favorite topic, namely fashion. […]

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