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Women in Islam

In spite of the fact that all of us are human beings and we share the same physical features as well as the same ancestors, we have a right to become to various religions. Maybe it is the effect of the fact that there exist various religions – if it was one, everyone would be […]

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Women as soldiers?

At the very beginning, let us make a little experiment. Close your eyes and try to visualize the term “soldier”. What do you associate it with? Probably, lots of us see a well-built man who is wearing green clothes or even a uniform and is holding a rifle in his hand. Majority of us see […]

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Mother with her baby

How do women bring their children up?

A decision about having a baby is one of the most responsible decisions ever. If a couple of people decide to have a baby, there is no way out and their life is going to change totally. From the moment of giving a birth to the baby people become parents and their life will never […]

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What do women like the most?

The question included in the title of the following article is very difficult and it is probably obvious for each of us that it has many various answers. The truth is that we should ask our dear ladies what they like the most, but on the other side males know their beloved women to that […]

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Stereotypes connected with women

Majority of stereotypes known worldwide are connected with women, unfortunately for them. Some of those stereotypes are less harmful and the other one can be really acute. The following, short article will present the most popular ones which we all are probably familiar with.   The most popular stereotype says that females must take care […]

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Everything we have to know about pregnant woman

Pregnancy is one of the most significant periods in each woman’s life. During this time, woman must be taken care of and she must also take care of herself not working too much and relaxing in her free time. There are, however, several facts we have to know about pregnant women, just in case . […]

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