How to prepare a good fashion show?


All of us have already seen a fashion show, because such events are very often emitted in a TV. Not everyone likes watching those events. For some people they seem rather boring, because there is no, let us say, action. Everything seems to be the same so those people, who are fed up with monotony, will certainly not like watching fashion shows no matter which of the famous designers takes part in it. However, there are also people who love watching fashion shows, because they are interested in fashion and thanks to watching such programs they can learn what kind of trends are actual now, what colors we should wear and which of them belong to the past. But those, who watch fashion shows emitted in a TV rather do not think about lots of preparations that must be done in order to create a satisfactory fashion show. It takes many long hours to prepare such an event and even though it lasts only for several hours it is worth doing it. Fashion shows give young models a chance to show themselves to the world and for designers it is a chance to show the world his newest clothes collection. Coming back to the topic, however, it is very hard to prepare a good fashion show which will be admired by the most famous people working in a branch of fashion. Maybe our impression is different since what we are able to observe while watching such program is several models wearing creative clothes with an accompaniment of particular sort of music. Nevertheless, we cannot know what is going on (and what was going on) behind the curtains…

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First of all, it is necessary to find appropriate models for a fashion show. None of such events can exist without at least several models, because those are persons who present clothes. The designer will not do it by himself – those must be professionals and models can be called professionals without any doubts. Not each and every model is appropriate for each and every fashion show. Sometimes, designer wants to present his clothes on black people. Another time he wants to employ only brunettes or blondes. It depends on him (or rather on a character of his actual collection) who will take part in a fashion show. But, before choosing models, a designer must create enough clothes in order to start preparations for a fashion show. It is obvious that such event must take some time, so it is impossible to organize it just to show people several T-shirts. It does not make sense at all. A designer must have the whole collection  since people coming to the fashion show want to have a choice (some people buy or order clothes just after a fashion show). So, without clothes and models there are no chances to organize a fashion show.

Now, we should say a few words about strictly technical issues. It is inevitable to have a place, where a fashion show can be organized. It must be big in order to contain lots of people and a catwalk of course. It is necessary to organize the most suitable lighting, which is one of the most important issues while we talk about the technical aspects. Lighting influences people’s perception and, as far as we know, each clothes designer wants his clothes to be perceived as the prettiest and the most beautiful. There should be lots of sitting places for people (guests, celebrities, photographers) attending this kind of event. It is better to watch a fashion show while sitting instead of standing for several hours. And one more thing – while thinking about organizing a professional fashion show, one must think also about an appropriate music. Music, which can be always heard somewhere in the background, is also very crucial issue of each and every fashion show.

How to Run a Fashion Show?

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