Should children wear fashionable clothes?

pobrane (22)

Adults buy fashionable clothes with pleasure since they are aware of the fact that in order to be attractive, they need take care of each and every element of their image. The watch TV programs devoted to fashion and they learn what kind of dresses they should buy or what colors of T-shirt are the most fashionable now. They buy magazines, in which they read interviews with famous designer to understand new trends better. And finally they go shopping regularly in order to be on time with the actual trends. But there are also little kids, who have at least several years old, whose wardrobes are full of fashionable clothes purchased by their parents. Sometimes it is hard to understand adults who invest such huge amounts of money in order to be stylish, but it is doubly harder to understand children, who wear such sort of clothes. That is why we ask the following question – is it worth buying children branded clothes?


The opinions are divided as it can easily be predicted. This topic seems to be a little bit controversial so it is understood that particular people would have various opinions. Those, who buy their children such stylish clothes claim that their kids have a right to be stylish. Moreover, they believe that clothing makes them feel better and somehow it helps with expressing themselves. So, if children love such clothes, why should not they be able to wear them? Everyone one wants to be trendy – not only adults, but also their kids who attend classes at school and meet their friends in spare time.


Nevertheless, some people claim that it is unreasonable to buy kids such kind of clothing. Why? Firstly, because branded T-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts or shoes are very expensive and children will not be able to wear them for a long time since they grow up very quickly. When adults buy such clothes they will use them much longer, because adults do not rise anymore. Moreover, kids wearing such expensive clothes and being aware of that fact can become snooty and can distress other children, whose parents cannot afford buying such clothes. Of course, stylish clothes for children are really beautiful, but we should rather think about the consequences of wearing them. Additionally, we have to take into consideration real costs of such purchases. Every parent can decide by himself, no one will prohibit buying stylish clothes for kids, but, honestly speaking, is it really worth doing it?