The most popular fashion designers

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Each branch of life has its representatives or, let us say, the icons. Those are people who are familiar with the area and some of them have even achieved something while realizing themselves in this branch. For instance, if it is about fashion we can enumerate several famous designers, who had to fight for their position, but finally are one of the most popular throughout the whole world. Who are we talking about?

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While analyzing icons of fashion, we cannot forget about Calvin Klein, American designer whose creativity sometimes caused a little bit of controversies. He is known from being a master of colors and despite his age (actually he is seventy one) Calvin Klein has still a lot of ideas he would like to realize. It is also hard not to say about English designer Gok Van. He is very popular and he cannot be omitted. His appearance is also very characteristic and creative so we can say that he fits fashion world in one hundred per cent. Another important icon of fashion is Vivienne Westwood whose work had influence on punks’ fashion and style. She was working with Malcolm McLaren – manager of Sex Pistols music band. At first sight she might look crazy, but she knows what she is doing very well.