What is a fashion week?


All of us have various interests and like doing something in spare time. Some people love fishing, the other ones prefer climbing or riding a bike and some like watching or reading about fashion. Fashion is a very wide branch and it is hard to characterize it using several sentences only. It can, however, be easily characterized by the so called fashion week which takes place around the whole world in various periods of time. Not everyone is familiar with the term mentioned, but maybe it is worth learning something about it since it is a really interesting and fascinating event. What is a fashion week then?


As it is clearly stated in the term itself, fashion week lasts one week of a year and it is strictly connected with fashion. Within that time, fashion designers have their five minutes to show their collections to the world and they do not have to be professionals – fashion week is such an event in which also amateurs can take part and show the effects of their hard work. This time is also very significant for all fashion models, because they also have a possibility to show themselves and gain a chance to be noticed by some fashion celebrities. It is the most important and at the same time the biggest event of the whole fashion world.