Why do some people watch fashion shows?


Majority of our society claim that fashion shows are too boring to sit in front of the TV and watch them for an hour or even longer. They say there is nothing interesting in watching people walking front and back presenting various clothes, shoes or accessories. We should not generalize our society, because everyone has a right to his own opinion and we cannot forget about those who love watching fashion shows since it would be discriminatory for them. We can, for example, ask them about their hobby and get to know what amazing and fascinating can be found in such events.


People who are keen on fashion claim that watching fashion shows is a kind of relaxation and resting for them. They are  not able to explain this phenomenon dividing it into several parts, because they love the wholeness of it. They like music, which can be listened to in the background; they like the lighting, which plays a significant role during such events showing viewers what they should focus on and where they ought to look; those people love clothes presented by fashion models (maybe not all of them, but there is always something creative and worth buying). Fashion shows are just for those people who understand fashion and its whole envelope.


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