How do women bring their children up?

Mother with her baby

A decision about having a baby is one of the most responsible decisions ever. If a couple of people decide to have a baby, there is no way out and their life is going to change totally. From the moment of giving a birth to the baby people become parents and their life will never be the same. They are going to take care of their child, look after it all the time, laugh with it and cry with it. They are going to spend money on their baby, but above all they are going to do their best to teach their child how to be a good human being. And in this moment it is crucial to pay the attention on the fact that females and males have various ways of bringing up their children. That is, of course, the effect of differences that occur between the two sexes. Females have certain features of characters as well as men have particular ones. Those features influence they way we bring up our children. In the following article we are going to focus on women and their ways of teaching kids various types of behavior. We cannot forget about the fact that those can be only stereotypes and not each and every woman is the same. Nevertheless, there are some features which women have in common and we are going to learn some of them in several minutes.

Woman and Children

First of all, we have to mention that women are very frequently seen as members of the weaker sex. But if it was true, would they be able to give birth to the child? It is connected with horrible pain and even men faint when they are observing it. However, we are not going to talk about the childbirth. Despite of the fact that females are not weak at all, those are men who are believed to be the heads of their families. That is because they do not have so many problems with making particular decisions, they are stronger and very frequently they have much more respect in the eyes of their kids. So, why about females, then? What are their methods to bring up their children and learn them how they should and how they should not behave? What kind of tricks do they use, if any? And finally, what are the most important features that help them to be good mothers?


Women are much more sensitive than males and probably no one would have doubts about it. That is why they are not able to hit their children or yell at them. The prefer talking to using strength, because in this way kids will understand much more and there is a bigger chance that they will not repeat their bad behavior. Moreover, women tend to forgive their kids much more faults. It is also the effect of their sensitivity – they cannot be angry with their children longer than several hours. Sometimes, children abuse this, for instance while doing shopping. Children are aware of the fact that there are bigger chances to get something when they ask mothers than when they ask about it their fathers. Males are able to refuse buying sweets or toys, but majority of females want to satisfy their kids in each and every way so it is harder for them to refuse buying what their kids are asking for. Nevertheless, it must be said that women are also much more involved in the educational road of their children. They attend parent-teacher conferences, they help their children doing homework and finally they check kids’ grades on-line. Of course, we cannot generalize, because there are males who do the same, but they rather belong to minority.


There are no bad mothers – some of them have moments of weaknesses, but everyone has such moments. Women are good mothers because of their maternal instinct. None of women would let somebody hurt their kids. They do everything they only can in order to protect their children and make them the happiest from all of the kids on our world.