Stereotypes connected with women


Majority of stereotypes known worldwide are connected with women, unfortunately for them. Some of those stereotypes are less harmful and the other one can be really acute. The following, short article will present the most popular ones which we all are probably familiar with.


The most popular stereotype says that females must take care of children in a greater degree than males. In other words, because of the fact that women give birth and give life to another human being, they are much more responsible for their kids than their partners. Moreover, the stereotype has been sustained for many years – maternity leave is much longer than paternal one so no matter if females like it or not they put more effort in bringing up their children.


Another stereotype connected with ladies says that they have do all of the household duties, namely washing-up, cooking, cleaning, sweeping, laundering, doing shopping and so on. Men claim that those are strictly feminine activities and they prefer doing much masculine jobs like fixing cars, docking nails or installing washing machines. What is even more interesting is that such a stereotype seems to be a true one, because in lots of families such model of duties’ division is practised.


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