What do women like the most?


The question included in the title of the following article is very difficult and it is probably obvious for each of us that it has many various answers. The truth is that we should ask our dear ladies what they like the most, but on the other side males know their beloved women to that extent, that they are able to guess at least several things, which are seen as the best by females. Moreover, women have so many interests that it would be easy to enumerate them. It would be much harder when we were asked to enumerate all of them. So, let us start a trip to woman’s mind in order to discover what she likes the most.


One of the most obvious answers is that women love all sorts of cosmetics. During watching a TV they watch various advertisements connected with cosmetics. They believe that after using a particular cream or a lotion, their skin is going to be much younger and all of the imperfections will disappear at all. Moreover, they are even sure that those creams will reduce all of the wrinkles visible on their faces. That is why they get dressed and they run to the nearest shop with cosmetics in spite of the fact that they have hundreds of other creams. Their cosmetists are full of different lipsticks, perfumes, powders and eyeliners, but they must have this one cream which make them look perfect. The truth is that women do not believe those advertisements, but anyways they love buying cosmetics, because taking care of their appearance is deeply rooted in females’ nature. We always say that before going out a females spends at least one hour in a bathroom doing her hair and make-up. Women want to beautiful not only for their partners and not only for all of those people, who surround them. They want to be beautiful for themselves and they want to feel good with themselves.


Another thing which is beloved by majority of females is connected with clothes. It is a part of a wardrobe which all of us have, but men have much less of it. Of course, we are talking about shoes. Women love various sorts of shoes, they cannot enter boutiques with shoes, because there is a risk that they won’t be able to resign from buying at least one pair of pretty shoes. Some women have a dozen or so different shoes. Among us, there are also such females who collect shoes and their collection includes hundreds of pairs from the whole world. No matter where they spend their holidays, they must always buy them shoes as a kind of a practical souvenir. Females know that there are very different occasioimages (1)ns we have to face with during our whole life. Sometimes we are invited for the wedding party, another time for birthday and finally we are going out with our friends. All of those special occasions require appropriate clothing and shoes are one of the most important element of the whole clothing. That is why the more shoes you have, the better, because you will never face the dilemma “which pair of shoes should I wear tonight?”.


Eventually, we must say that women love men and without males they would probably not manage to do some things. Men are needed not only to fix a car, but also to support females, make them laugh and, above all, love them as strongly as it is only possible. In spite of the fact that sometimes women and men disagree with each other and they are fed up with one another, it is obvious that they cannot live without each other. They complete each other – women do things, which could not be done be men and the other way round. Males should not pay attention to women’s changes of moods – they love their partners and females’ lives without men would be boring and very sad. If you don’t believe ask you wives, sisters, mothers and aunts!