Women as soldiers?


At the very beginning, let us make a little experiment. Close your eyes and try to visualize the term “soldier”. What do you associate it with? Probably, lots of us see a well-built man who is wearing green clothes or even a uniform and is holding a rifle in his hand. Majority of us see soldier as a man, because it is believed that men are stronger than women – not without a reason are women called members of the weaker sex. Probably none of us imagine woman as a soldier, because we know that soldiers must cope with hard and difficult conditions with which males put up better. Moreover, males can stay calm when particular situation require it as well as they do not have big problems with keeping their heads together in dangerous moments. Nevertheless, there exist females, and what is even more interesting is that they live among us, who work in an army and surprisingly they are doing well. So, our question is as follows – should women be soldiers or not?


As we probably guess, there is no one appropriate answer for such a question. Opinions are divided and it is normal since everyone has a right to have his own view. Those, who believed that women should not be soldiers claim that they are doing well at home with all of the household duties like cleaning, cooking, vacuuming, doing the washing up or  bringing up the children. So if something is good why should we change it? Those people believe that only men should be soldiers because they have certain features making them able to do this sort of work. By the way, males would not do well at home so they are less needed there.


But there is also the other side – some of us are proud of those women working in armies and believe that still there are too little of them. Some females are even stronger than males and the most convincing is the fact that they are giving birth to children and majority of males faint while seeing it. Some women want to prove that they are strong both physically as well as psychologically and that is the reason why they decide to work in army. However, there are also women who dreamt about such work all their lives and they take their chance. They do not want to resign from realizing themselves only because of the fact that men will laugh at them and tease them. After taking the uniform off those females are normal ladies who cook, clean and take care of their children so there is no need to worry about changing their roles in our stereotypical society.