Women in Islam

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images (4)In spite of the fact that all of us are human beings and we share the same physical features as well as the same ancestors, we have a right to become to various religions. Maybe it is the effect of the fact that there exist various religions – if it was one, everyone would be forced to become to it. Among different religions, there is an Islam of which the believers are called Muslims. Islam is famous from its strict views and lots of prohibitions. Islam is also very interesting if it is about the role of woman in society and culture. So, let us get deeper into the topic and analyze the following problem a little wider.


In Islam, woman is believed to be the human being created by Allah (god in Islam). Catholics believe that the original sin was woman’s fault, because it was Ewa who took the apple from the forbidden tree. However, Muslims has slightly different opinion about this. They believe that it was Adam who is fully responsible for the original sin so in other words they put the blame on man rather than on woman. Islam damns killing new-born girls. In a marriage, women do not have to earn money since men are obliged to maintaining the whole family including their wives. It is, then, a kind of a privilege since it is rather rare situation.


Those were positive facts about the role and position of woman in Islam, but when there are positive sides, there must be also negative ones. And there are, indeed. The most harmful is that in Islam women are believed to be worse than men. Men are said to be better than women practically in everything, in every branch of life. It is even clearly said that females are thoughtless and only males can be called intelligent beings. Females, in Muslims’ opinion, would not be able to live without males’ help. They are not independent and self-contained. What is even more frightening is the fact that females must agree with everything which is said by their husbands. In other words – women must be obedient and men have a right to hit them if they are not. Probably lots of us have seen Muslims in a TV or in the Internet and probably lots of us know that women must cover their bodies, sometimes even faces. In addition, women must have sex with their husbands every time a male wants it. They cannot refuse, because it is their duty. So, the conclusion is that in Islam women have less rights than men and are seen as worse beings. Even if it is about inheritance, women get less fortune than their partners.